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    marine air compressorindustrial air compressorscrew air compressorair compressor for diving and fire fightingoil-free scroll air compressorair post-treatment equipmentspecial equipment for oilfield drilling and production

    Marine Air Compressor

    Compact Efficient Environmentally Friendly
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    High-Pressure Water-Cooled Air Compressor

    ? Compact high-pressure air compressor

    ? Direct transmission mode is adopted, with high efficiency and low loss低

    ? Water circulation cooling method is adopted to ensure continuous and stable operation

    ? Its oil consumption, noise and vibration are low

    ? It requires low maintenance expense and enables simple operation

    ? 528 activated carbon based filtration system (optional)

    ? Automation control system (optional)

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    Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Air Compressor

    Energy saving Quiet Intelligent Efficient
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